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Quest Book (with gump) Template 2020-12-05

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Questbook Release Notes

This is a template for a quest book I like to include in all my quests. The item appears as a green book, but opens a gump. I enjoy making gumps, and like the decoration options.

When making a quest, just copy the template into the new quest folder, rename, and edit the script as needed. Of course each book, and each gump needs to be a unique name. I am including a base QuestGiver script, just to show how I introduce the book, and how it is deleted at the end of the quest. On a longer, more complex, quest I will use multiple books. Each quest NPC can delete the old book and give an updated book. So the player only has one book at a time, but it can be updated as the quest updates. The final NPC can delete the book (or any/all books in the series) when you get your reward.

The Gump Cheat Sheet has the graphics and coding to edit your own gumps. Earlier I released a collection of my 'cheat sheets' and had some gump info, but this quest book is a new addition. And the gump sheet I included has some new explanations. In that pack is a gump test book that has numerous pages with many different backgrounds and buttons - just for testing purposes. I learned a lot about gumps while making that book. It is a very good reference for gump design.

Cheat sheets posted here

Tukaram 5DEC2020
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