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Ramayan Quest 2016-05-18

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Mostly using Gizmo's Quest Creator, I made a quest that gets added to your 'quest tab'. That was fun to learn. I based the quest on part of the Ramayana. You have to get Hanuman, and his army, to help save Princess Sita form the evil demon Ravana.

It is a basic 'kill quest' with a few fun things thrown in. For me, the best part is the spawnable blue NPCs as your 'helpers'. I found a script package that creates blue NPCs. So I edited one of their fighters into my own character (monkey army). There is a doc file with setup instructions. One page of instructions and 6 pages of descriptions, and ramblings.

The quest boss is a sequential spawner, similar to a mini-champ. That was also fun to learn.

Setup is easy. Copy the folder into your directory of choice and run the ramayan.xml file. All the XMLSpawners are setup already.

In all honesty I could have written the entire thing with the XML quest system. It would have been easier, and probably better? But where is the fun in that ha ha.

Oh, don't be scared of the file size. Like I said there is a 6 page doc and some pictures of the spawners, for reference. The quest itself is not that big.
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