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I take no credit for this release. It is an old RunUO file by A_Li_N. I merely updated the data files to correct z-axis changes in the maps, and made separate Tram/Fel treasure hunting runes because of New Haven changes.

I did make a new script for the Zeefzorpul locations. The script is very easy to change for whatever books you want to make. One word of caution - I tried to make a script using mixed facets runes in the book and crashed the server... so... each file seems like it needs to be one facet.

I did a search for it here but could not find it - so here it is if you want. I just set up a server with the latest ServUO repo and this worked great. I made the changes back in Jan 2015 and have used it for a year with no problems.

Set up is easy. There are some txt files that need to go in your "Data" directory. The scripts go anywhere in your script folder.

Books will be created at your feet. They default to movable "false". You will have to make it "true" if you want to organize or dye the books. Either set the [props on the books, or change the variable in the script.

Commands are:








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