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Slayer Deed Package 1JUN2016

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Slayer Deeds

This should be completely drag & drop. When I installed it I had no errors.

The commands to create the deeds are :

[add SlayerRemovalDeed

[add SuperSlayerDeeds

[add LesserSlayerDeeds

The Slayer Removal Deed does have a changeable option when you click on it. It can be set to remove Slayer Slot 1, Slayer Slot 2, or Both Slayer Slots.

This package started with 27 slayer deeds, and a slayer removal deed (7 super slayers, 20 lesser slayers). I did not make any of these deeds. They were posted on RunUO by Iraq on 27AUG2011.

All I did was make 2 Deeds with Gumps as a delivery method

The slayer deeds all work, but I was wondering how to introduce them into the game. A vendor with 28 deeds, random monster drops, quest rewards, token rewards? I decided I wanted a deed/gump to choose which deed you want. So now there are 3 deeds to introduce into the game. The existing 'slayer removal deed' and the two deeds I made. A 'super slayer deed' and a 'lesser slayer deed'. The super slayer deed has all 7 super slayers. The lesser slayer deed has the 20 lesser slayers. I felt it best to separate the super and lesser slayers for pricing, or rarity, differences - depending on if you sell them or put them as drops. I put mine on my Vendor Stone to be purchased with Tokens (Daat99's Tokens).

Tukaram 20MAY2016

Items Included:

Misc. Deeds: 3

  • Slayer Removal Deed
  • Lesser Slayer Deed Picker
  • Super Slayer Deed Picker
Super Slayer Deeds: 7

  • Arachnid Slayer Deed
  • Demon Slayer Deed
  • Elemental Slayer Deed
  • Fey Slayer Deed
  • Repond Slayer Deed
  • Reptile Slayer Deed
  • Undead Slayer Deed

Lesser Slayer Deeds: 20

  • Balron Slayer Deed
  • Blood Elemental Slayer Deed
  • Daemon Slayer Deed
  • Dragon Slayer Deed
  • Earth Shattering Slayer Deed (Ore Elementals)
  • Elemental Health Slayer Deed (Poison Elemental)
  • Flame Dousing Slayer Deed (Fire Elemental)
  • Gargoyle Slayer Deed
  • Lizardman Slayer Deed
  • Ogre Slayer Deed
  • Ophidian Slayer Deed
  • Orc Slayer Deed
  • Scorpion Slayer Deed
  • Snake Slayer Deed
  • Spider Slayer Deed
  • Summer Wind Slayer Deed (Snow Elemental)
  • Terathan Slayer Deed
  • Troll Slayer Deed
  • Vacuum Slayer Deed (Air Elemental)
  • Water Dissipation Slayer Deed (Water Elemental)

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