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Training Package 2016-05-21

training weapons, training elemental, and craft training books

  1. Tukaram
    Training Package

    I wanted to release my training weapons and it made sense to me to include the whole pack. So here are the weapons, elementals, and school books. I made 6 of the 12 scripts, but take no credit. I merely edited existing weapons using the ideas from the original training weapon scripts.

    Training Weapons

    The original weapon pack was posted to RunUO on 18AUG2005 by Triple. http://www.runuo.com/community/threads/training-weapons.57430/

    It included:

    Training Katana
    Training Kryss
    Training Mace
    Training Bow

    All the items are purple, labeled as 'Training Weapons', and do no damage. They are just good for training. I added a buckler to train parry. Then when I made a Gargoyle character I made Gargoyle training weapons. So now the pack has the original 4 weapons and the 6 that I made:

    Training Buckler

    Training Gargish Boomerang

    Training Gargish Kryss

    Training Gargish Mace

    Training Gargish Shield

    Training Gargish Sword

    I had to work on them some to get all the Special Abilities to work. Now you can use your specials to get your mana down, so you can work your Meditation and Focus while training fighting skills.

    Training Elemental

    Training Elemental script - not mine, but useful. I was looking for the source and found the same script released with 3 different names... so I am unsure who actually wrote it (it was not me). They are all very similar but a few lines are rearranged. The one I use is from jjarmis, but I found others by Sephiroth, and Murzin. So, whoever wrote it originally - Good job!

    Anyway, I put the Training Elementals on a spawner, even though they do not die. I have another spawner that spawns the training weapons on the ground around them. As written you can GM all your fighting skills. I suppose someone could put in a skill cap? I like em like they are.

    Craft Trainer

    Created by "Ashlar, beloved of Morrigan"

    The craft trainer is a set of books you can click on and get a gump to choose a skill to train. The skill gain seems to work like regular gains. Easier & faster at low skill, slower and more carpal tunnel inducing at higher levels. Ha ha.

    All four settings discussed below are changeable in-game, using the items 'prop' menu.

    From the craft trainer release notes:

    This is an item/gump which allows players to raise their crafting skills without using resources or producing masses of crafted items.

    MinSkill is the minimum amount of skill required in that skill before the item is usable.

    MaxSkill is the maximum amount of skill that the player can have in the skill and still use the item.

    Ouch is the fatigue factor. Deals damage to stamina and hits during study.

    StudyTime is the amount of time between study attempts. (when to resend the gump)


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