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Treasure Map Atlas 2016-03-11

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Continuing in my tradition of editing other people's work....

This is a set of atlas for all the Tram & Fell Treasure Map locations.

It should be drag & drop. Put it wherever you keep your custom scripts. To get the books use the commands: [add TrammelTMapAltas and [add FeluccaTMapAltas (~Edit~ Forgot to mention pets are teleported with you)

This the the old publicmoongate.cs from RunUO (by BrozeTheNewb, Ashlar, & Morrigan). It was changed by Icon to be the World Travel Book. Basically a moongate that looks like a book, and is movable.

Well, using Icon's bookoftravel.cs I changed it to be a treasure map atlas. There is one book for Fel, and one book for Tram. There are way to many map locations for one book! You may notice that Tram has less locations than Fel... this is true. New Haven is missing some landmass (maps #197, 198 & 200), and map 195 has a building on top of it. So I left those four out of the Tram book. Unfortunate I have recently received maps for a couple of those locations ha ha.

It all seems to work. I did not recall to every map, but it is a list I used in the rune library generator file. The only thing I could not figure out was how to make the book dyeable.

This does bring up a good question... is there any plans on making the ServUO TMaps work like on OSI shards? You know, the new "improved" random locations. I sure hope not!

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