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Updated Fishing Net - catches multiple fish 2020-05-16

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Update Notes:

I originally posted it on 9MAR2016. It used a High Seas add-on pack for the loot & fish, but now that ServUO supports High Seas, I had to do a lot of updating. It should be drag & drop. The fish and armor sets are in the ServUO repo.

This fishing net system is blatantly stolen... borrowed... from Unleashed. He submitted a lobster trap to ServUO on 18MAY2015. Unleashed has a great Lobster Trap and I modified it to look like a net, and made it not stackable, and has more types of fish drops. Mainly I wanted multiple fish per toss (a net is big, right?). It worked fine stackable but the net would not show the count, the lobster traps do. So I made them unstackable.

I take no credit for the script as it is just adapted from the work provided by Unleashed. The timers, the animated bobber, all of that is his. It took no scripting skill for me, just a lot of editing! I think it is a fun system, hope you enjoy it. :cool:

I am using some of the fish from the High Seas, as well as regular fish, and the Fisherman's armor set (human & gargoyle). There are 20 Utility.Random options, and inside a few of those is another set of Utility.Random - to make some loot rarer. It is easy enough to edit the drops - they start around line 315 of this script. There are 27 random loot drops. 20 of them will return your empty net with your fish/loot, but there are 7 that delete the net (I figured nets wear out).

When you empty the full net, you can get multiple types of fish, as well as MIB's, Special Fishing Nets, a small pond deed, and the Fisherman armor "set" in the ServUO repo.

There is a “Small Pond Add-on Deed” that is one of the drops. I believe that is from one of the add-on packs floating around – I am unsure where I got it. I included it in the package, but if you already have that script, simply delete this one. Other than that it really should be drag & drop.
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