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Dragon Lantern Quest 2020-12-08

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The reward is the DragonLanternAddonDeed, that comes in the ServUO repo. I did not include it in this package.
Dragon Lantern Quest Notes

This was a fun quest to learn how to code the assembly item. I had to get help from PyrO on how to delete the required items (consume is better than delete). I have used the concept to combine items but never with multiple amounts of multiple items. It was a bit much for me ha ha.

Thanks for the help PyrO! :)

xml usage [xmlload DragonLanternQuest.xml

The quest takes place in Minoc. I recommend you use the xml file to load the quest. 4 of the 5 spawners are set for spawn on carried. And one of those triggers on carry and skill use. If you use the xml file, all of that will install intact. Of course you can set it up any way you want.

The sand spawner is spawn on carry (the Magic Sand Shovel) and skill trigger (mining). You can have 0 skill in mining and it still spawns. You can use it any way you want, but as written I really recommend using the xml file to install. There is no decorations or any other setup to do, except the 5 spawners.


1. Alfonso - The QuestGiver, always there (Minoc Tinker Shop)

2. Banhi -The Glassblower. Spawns in Minc Blacksmith Shop. Spawn on carry (DragonQuest Book). He despawns in 30 minutes, but will respawn of you still have any version of the quest book so no worries (books are unique named in the scripts but display name is the same).

3. Magic Sand - Inside cave, Minoc mines (near bridge). Spawns on carry (MagicSandShovel) and on skill use (Mining). Only 1 sand spawns at a time, you have to pick up each one before another spawns. Proximity range is 10, so no problem getting it to spawn. Despawns in 10 minutes. I successfully tested it with GM mining and 0 mining.

4. Glowing Fireflies - Spawn inside cave at top of hill, Minoc mines. Spawn on carry (DragonQuestBook). Despawns in 10 minutes.

5. Glowing Slime - spawns on the mountain path, on your way back down the hill. Spawn on carry (GlowingFireflyTails, obtained from Firefly). Despawns in 10 minutes.

Note - the refract min/max for firefly and slime are 10/15. You can adjust as needed if the spawn is too fast or too slow for you.


Talk to Alfonso, in the Tinker shop in Minoc. He knows you are looking for his Dragon Lantern but he is out of the glowing material for the lantern. He sends you to get an empty jar, of some special glass, and gives you a DragonQuestBook. Alfonso seems rather vague on what your quest will entail. (the quest book is your friend)

The quest book spawns the next NPC. Banhi the Glassblower. You find him inside the Minoc blacksmith shop, near the forge.

Banhi has only one jar remaining and needs you to gather Magic Sand so he can make more jars. He gives you a Magic Sand Shovel (10 uses), and directs you to the lower cave, across the bridge on the Northeast end of Minoc. He also updates your quest book (deletes book one, gives you book 2).

The MagicSand is right inside the door of the cave. Each time you dig, you get 1 sand. They are stackable, and you need 5.

Go back to Banhi and give him the 5 MagicSands. He deletes the shovel, gives you his last GlowingGlassBottleEmpty, and updates your quest book with the critters you need to kill. Alfonso was supposed to send a message but of course is too lazy. Banhi does not approve of the way Alfonso conducts his business. (He deletes book2 gives you book 3)

The new QuestBook tells you to go back to the same hill, to the cave at the top. The Glowing Fireflies are spawn on carry (DragonQuestBook), and they drop GlowingFireflyTails. You need 5 (unstackable).

As you go back down the hill, the Glowing Slimes spawn. They are spawn on carry (GlowingFireflyTails). The slimes drop GlowingOoze. You need 5 (unstackable).

Now you can double click the bottle, and it will combine the empty bottle, firefly tails, and ooze to make a GlowingGlassBottleFull.

You take the full bottle to Alfonso and he gives you your DragonLanternAddonDeed, some money, and his gratitude. He also deletes the last quest book, leaving your backpack nice and tidy Unless you got too much sand, tails, or ooze (but that is your own fault).

I tested the quest on multiple characters and skill levels, so it should work. If there are any issues please let me know.

Tukaram 8DEC2020
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