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Fishing Net (catches multiple fish) 1

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Requires the High Seas fish addon (included in this zip, but not my script)
This fishing net system is blatantly stolen... borrowed... from Unleashed. He submitted a Lobster trap to ServUO on 18MAY2015. Unleashed has a great Lobster Trap and I simply modified it to look like a net, was not stackable, and has more types of fish drops. Mainly I wanted multiple fish per toss (a net is big, right?). It worked fine when stackable but the net would not show the count, the lobster traps do. So I made them unstackable, to avoid confusion.

I am using the list of fish from the High Seas fishing addon. The High Seas fishing was by RoninGT 30AUG2013, and cleaned up by Dian 11SEP2014. If you do not want to use the new fish types it is easy enough to edit the drops - they start around line 315 of the fishingnet.cs file.

The only concern might be that, as far as I can tell, the lobster trap & my fishing net do not use the harvest system - so a spot never runs out of fish. On a large shard you may care. I really do not.

In this zip I am including:
1. the original Fishing Net, that spawned the idea for me (It is labeled "Basic Fishing Net". I apologize, I do not know where I found it)
2. the Lobster Trap (by Unleashed)
3. the High Seas Fishing (by RoninGT & Dian)
4. my Fishing Net.

I take no credit for the script as it is just adapted from the work provided by Unleashed, and relies heavily on the work of Ronin & Dian for the loot. It took no scripting skill for me, just a lot of editing! I think it is a fun system, hope you enjoy it. :)


1. The basic fishing net is drag & drop. The net works just as a fishing pole. Double click it to fish, and it uses the harvest system.

2. The lobster trap is drag & drop. When you deploy the empty lobster trap it turns into a buoy. When they buoy starts to bob you double click it to collect the full lobster trap. If you leave it bobbing too long it self-deletes, to keep the oceans from getting cluttered by abandoned traps.

3. The High Seas fish are *almost* drag & drop. The instructions in the High Seas pack are very clear and easy to follow.

4. My fishing Net is drag & Drop (as long you already have the new fish from High Seas). It works exactly like the lobster trap except when you empty the full net, you can get multiple types of fish, as well as MIB's, Special Fishing Nets, fishing boots, a small pond deed (boots & deed from the High Seas pack).
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