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Sewer rat Of Unusual Power (S.O.U.P. Quest) 2020-12-03

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S.O.U.P. Quest

Sewer rat Of Unusual Power​

This was just a fun little quest to make use of the Summoning Box (from kfritz411's script, submitted to ServUO on 11NOV2020 here.

My favorite parts of the quest (and the reasons I made it) are the summoning box and my new quest book. I made a template for a quest book to include in other quests (this is a test of that template). I have the quest giver place the book in the players backpack, then delete the book when the quest reward is given. It allows the player to keep in mind what needs to be done, but does not clutter up the backpack later.

I only use 3 spawners for this quest, but you can [xmlload soupquest.xml to place the 3 spawners. You can edit the locations as needed. If you move the quest you will also have to edit the location in the Spawning Box script.

It is currently set at the swamp near Destard.

Walk through - It is a pretty straight forward kill quest. The Dread Pirate says there is a plaque of Sewer rats Of Unusual Power (S.O.U.P.s). You kill some baby soup rats until you get the Invitation To The Monster Bash, a scroll. there is a 1 in 7 chance of the scroll dropping (easy to adjust as needed). You place the Invite in the blue box (summoning box), or double click the box. The Invite will be deleted and the mama SOUP will spawn. Upon killing her, you loot her head from her corpse. Give the Rat Head to the Dread Pirate and you get your reward. As written it is repeatable.

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